LED Tube

LED Tube


Convert your existing fluorescent fixture to LED light technology.

• Replaces any T8 or T12 fluorescent lamp

• Save up to 66% in energy cost (per 4-lamp fixture)

• No replacing or rewiring of lamp holders required

• No replacement of the ballast or installation of LED driver required

• No removal of old ballast required


  • Saves Energy
  • High Powered LEDs
  • Environmentally Friendly (Mercury Free)
  • Longer Life
  • Instant On
  • Immediate full brightness

LED tube Lights are the next generation solution to replace conventional fluorescent lamp. LED has higher efficiency, more reliability compared to the previous generation. They could be used anywhere at homes, offices, museums, galleries, shop windows, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, schools, labs. It is environmentally friendly and energy saving of 70%-80% than conventional fluorescent lights.

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