22W LED Panel Light 200PCS

Discontinued 22W LED Panel Light 200PCS

LED Ceiling Panel Light uses Super Bright LED as light source, which is stable, long life and no UV &Amp; IR emission. The anodized aluminum frame is durable, which are harmful to skin equipment and furniture under prolong exposure. It is Powered by low voltage constant current driver, which is safe, energy saving and maximize life expectancy.

LED Ceiling Panel Light is the ideal replacement for traditional grid lights and fluorescent tubes. Beam Panel Light creates Warm light atmosphere and uniform lights within panel. 

22W LED Ceiling Panel Light Features:

1. Long life span, up to 30000 hours;

2. Low Power consumption, save up to 80% energy than fluorescent light;

3. Safety

4. No fluorescent flicking and buzzling, instant light up;

5. Strong aluminum case, more durable.

6. No RF interference;

7. No hazard mercury or lead emitting;

8. Enhanced circuit Power design than fluorescent light, stable and safe.

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